About us

CHIMEX LTD since 1993 have been engaged in wholesale deliveries of technical chemistry and chemicals reagents. We equally successfully deliver the chemical goods in a mode of export and import to state and commercial organizations in Russia and in the countries of CIS, also we work with the enterprises in Czechia, Poland, Hungary, Israel, USA and China.
We with readiness carry out as single inquiries of our consumers, and we carry out their long-term maintenance by the chemical goods.

Having close communications with the domestic and foreign manufacturers of chemical production and reliable carrier of cargoes, we help our clients to choose only qualitative goods from the manufacturer passing the intermediaries and for the best prices in quantities from kg and up to the car and all this in the minimal terms.
In our person you will find the responsible and reliable partner and supplier aspiring to ensure of the manufacturers not expensive, but is guaranteed by qualitative chemical raw material and materials.

We offer the following:

  • Sales of chemical reagents and technical chemistry in bulk in large and fine packing;
  • Delivery of production by a vehicle or realization of shipment by rail;
  • Flexible conditions of payment and education of the price;


Attention and respect of the employees of firm for the consumers, search of forms of cooperation, convenient for the clients, and the support of the bargain from the conclusion of the contract before performance of delivery of the goods creates reputation Chimex Ltd., as reliable partner and supplier conducting active job on satisfaction of more and more growing needsof the market and establishment of civilized industrial services in Russia.

CHIMEX LTD. invites the manufacturers and wholesale buyers to serious and mutually advantageous cooperation. Our employees will be glad to answer all questions, interesting you.

We ask to address to our managers on the following telephones:
Ph./Fax: +7 (495) 133-02-40
E-mail: info@chimko.com

About Chimex LTD