The sizes and use pallets (tray)

Pallet – a flat transport structure made of wood or plastic (and in some cases, metal), is designed to move various goods convenient way to being filmed by any mobile lifting device.

Goods placed on a pallet (pallet), may be attracted to it with straps (tie-down straps) or wrapped in shrink or stretch film.

Wooden pallets must be strong enough to withstand the weight of three loaded tiers.
Loaded on a pallet of cardboard boxes or bags should not extend beyond the pallet.

The most common tray on the ISO has the size 100 * 120 * 12 cm (slightly less than 40 * 48 * 5 inches). Empty pallet weighs 15-21 pounds.

Most pallets can easily carry the load of 1,000 kg. The appearance of containers to rail, sea and road transport for almost all products contributed to the use of pallets. Because the containers are always even, smooth surface, and the use of a pallet is economically profitable.


In Europe, the commonly used standard pallets EUR, which has dimensions of 80 * 120 * 12 cm It is used mainly for retail trade, its size is determined by the internal dimensions of trucks carrying supplies from warehouses to retail shopping facilities. The cheapest pallets are made of soft wood and are often non-returnable packaging, recyclable, along with other packaging materials. These trays have a very simple design, which allows you to raise them from the two opposing positions. Slightly more sophisticated pallets of high-quality wood and most plastic pallets and metal pallets can be lifted from all four sides. These costlier pallets usually require a deposit and must be returned to the sender or resold after use. Many of these chetyrehputnyh “pallets – in color, coded according to the goods that they can move, and may also have other symptoms.

Plastic tray that can be taken with a 4-sided.

Firms in retail trade, using standard pallets for loading and unloading, as well as for domestic traffic, get more benefit from the modular nature of the pallet, than firms that do not exploit standardized pallets. Exceptions – those institutions that sell small quantities of expensive items such as jewelry stores or cars.

One of the greatest advantages of pallets – the number of ways that they can be moved. They can move forklift different sizes and they can also be transported gidropodemnymi carts and moved manually. This is requires the efforts of not more than muscle power 1 person, anywhere, where it has sufficient access.

Loader often costs the same as a luxury car. But hand pallet truck can be purchased for a few hundred euros. Most large funds so spent on planning documents and the construction of smooth surfaces in the construction of commercial and industrial buildings where the use of pallets could be beneficial.

Using a pallet

Pallets are widely used in many countries. When using the pallet encourage you to pay attention to the following:
There are two basic types of pallets: “euro-and a standard pallet. Size “europallets” 800mm x 1,200 mm and 1,000 mm standard pallets x 1,200 mm.

In a 20-foot container can be loaded with 11 pallets, or
9.10 standard pallets in one tier.

In a 40-foot container can be loaded with 23 – 24 “pallets” or
20-21 standard pallets in one tier.