Trial lot of sodium thiocyanate

Received trial consignment of sodium thiocyanate. Sodium thiocyanate colorless hygroscopic crystals with an orthorhombic lattice. It is readily soluble in water. At temperatures above 30.4 °C sodium thiocyanate crystallizes from water in the anhydrous salt. At lower temperatures, as the dihydrate NaCNS * 2H2O. When heated above the melting point can be decomposed into sodium cyanide NaCN and sodium sulfide Na2S.

Sodium thiocyanate is used:

  • as a reagent for dyeing and printing fabrics;
  • as a reagent in photography;
  • in analytical chemistry as a reagent for the photometric determination of the ions Fe, Co, Mo, W and others.
  • for other thiocyanates;
  • for the manufacture of spinning solutions in the manufacture of acrylic fibers;
  • as a defoliant and desiccant for lupine.


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