slightly yellowish liquid, not flammable, a fire in the air much smoke, energetic oxidizer, in contact with many combustible substances causes them to spontaneous combustion. Toxic.

canister 26 kg, pp bottle 1,3kg
Warranty period of storage:
6 months from the date of manufacture

for laboratory practice, obtaining ammonium nitrate, compound fertilizers, the oxidative etching of metals, for the needs of the economy.

Nitric acid “p.a.” (57 %) TU 2612-046-057 61643-95
GOST R 53789-2010
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(Кол-во упаковок)
NarrativeThe ratio of mark
Mass fraction of nitric acid (HNO3),%, not less5656
Mass fraction of ash residue,%, max0,0030,005
Mass fraction of chloride (Cl),%, max0,00010,0005
Mass fraction of heavy metals (Pb),%, max0,000020,00002
Total iron (Fe),%, max0,00010,0003
Arsenic (AS),%, max0,0000010,000003
Sulfate (S04),%, not more0,00050,002
Mass fraction of phosphate (P04),%, max0,000050,002

( Ч ) – Pure,
( ЧДА ) – analytical grade.

Nitric acid pure grade 57%

Nitric acid pure grade 57% is very aggressive and corrodes many metals. When the reaction occurs with metals, toxic gases can be released. When interacting with organic materials, heat can be released, which can result in a fire or even an explosion.

Attacks some types of plastics.

We offer Nitric Acid of PFA concentrations of not less than 56% in canisters of 27 kg.

Precautionary measures:

Vapors damage the respiratory system.
Vapors are heavier than air.
When exposed to skin, the acid causes burns.

Strong oxidizer - contact with organic materials can lead to a fire.

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