Отгрузка со склада        Shipment from warehouse

Shipment from our warehouse is made by prior arrangement with your manager.
All goods are shipped from the warehouse in the city of Lytkarino, Moscow region.
Address of the warehouse: Moscow region, Luberetskiy rn, Lytkarino, block 3A, st. Parkovaya, Zavodskaya st., P.4, Industrial zone (territory of LLC Barrier)

The working time of the warehouse: Monday-Friday from 9-00 to 16-30. Lunch break from 12-00 to 13-00.
Phone: (495) 133-02-40
Entry to the warehouse is free.

The driver is provided with accompanying documents when loading.

The driver must carry an identity card and a written power of attorney.

Доставка по России        Delivery in Russia

We can arrange delivery of products throughout Russia using all types of transport. Our logisticians will select the optimal delivery route for each order.
To reduce the cost of goods, we can make delivery of the goods directly from the manufacturer’s factory, including the foreign manufacturer’s factory.

Delivery is possible:
• Rail transport in containers of 20 and 24 tons, covered wagons, cisterns, etc .;
• By air for urgent orders;
• By sea containers to port cities;
• Consolidated cargo with low weight / order quantity.

To order the calculation of the cost of delivery, please write to us at or use the feedback form

Внешнеэкономическая деятельность        Foreign economic activity

We import chemical products to Russia, as well as we deliver goods to the CIS countries and the near abroad.
The delivery of products to third countries is also carried out bypassing the Russian warehouse – directly from the manufacturing plant to the buyer, and in some cases bypassing the territory of Russia through the territory of third countries, which significantly reduces the price of products and the delivery time.
Shipment is carried out on the terms of Incoterms – EXW, FCA, DAP, CPT, FOB, etc.

To order the cost of the calculation, please write to us at or use the feedback form


As well as all the questions you can always clarify by phone (495) 133-02-40, (495) 407-17-86.