glass bottles in polyethylene sheathing 28kg

slightly yellowish liquid, not flammable, a fire in the air much smoke, energetic oxidizer, in contact with many combustible substances causes them to spontaneous combustion. Toxic.

glass bottle in pp drum 28 kg
Warranty period of storage:
6 months from the date of manufacture

for laboratory practice, for oxidative etching of metals, for the needs of the economy.

Nitric acid “c.p.” (65 %) GOST 4461-77 with changes 1, 2
GOST 4461-77
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(Кол-во упаковок)
Mass fraction of nitric acid (HNO3),%, not less
Mass fraction of ash residue,%, max0,0005
Mass fraction of chloride (Cl),%, max0,0001
Mass fraction of heavy metals (Pb),%, max0,00002
Mass fraction of iron (Fe),%, max0,0001
Mass fraction of arsenic (AS),%, max0,000001
Mass fraction of sulfates(S04), %, max0,0002
Mass fraction of phosphates (Р04), % , max0,00005

Nitric acid chemically pure 65%

Nitric acid chemically pure is a transparent yellowish liquid, which is a powerful oxidant. In the air it smokes strongly, vapors of the substance are highly poisonous.

Precautionary measures:

The acid vapor descends to the bottom and, upon contact with the respiratory organs, damages them.
Upon contact with the skin, it forms a chemical burn.

It is an active oxidizer, can cause fire on contact with organic materials.


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