slightly yellowish liquid, not flammable, a fire in the air much smoke, energetic oxidizer, in contact with many combustible substances causes them to spontaneous combustion. Toxic.

Hazard Class:


canister 13kg, 27kg
Warranty period of storage:
6 months from the date of manufacture.

for ammonium nitrate, compound fertilizers, the oxidative etching of metals, for the needs of the economy.

Nitric acid technical 57%
GOST R 53789-2010
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(Кол-во упаковок)
NarrativeThe rate for grades
extra class1 class2 class
Mass fraction of nitric acid (HNO3),%, not less57,056,046,0
The content of nitrogen oxides in terms of N2O4,%, not more0,070,10,2
The content of calcined residue,%, not more0,0040,020,05

Nitric acid technical 57% readily dissolves certain metals, whereas at a higher concentration the metals do not dissolve.

This property is used to clean pipelines from metal salts.

Nitric acid 57% is used in almost all industries.

Precautionary measures:

For a human body, vapors of Nitric acid are dangerous - they damage the respiratory tract. Vapors are heavier than air more than 2 times, therefore in places of storage at a leak they will accumulate closer to a floor.
If it gets on the skin, it causes a chemical burn, while the skin becomes yellow.

Contact with organic can cause fire and even explosion.


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