crystalline white powder.

bag 50 kg

in the industry as a raw material in the manufacture of resins, adhesives, etc., in agriculture as a mineral N fertilizer, livestock as a feed additive.

Carbamide (urea) techn.
GOST 2081-2010
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Carbamide ( urea ) - an organic compound, but it is classified as mineral (nitrogen) fertilizers. It dissolves well in water.

Urea produce brands in Russia A and B. Conventionally, the application can be divided as follows:

Mark B is used in agriculture - increases yield, raises gluten of cereals (wheat). Increases the nitrogen content. It is produced in granules, which prevents caking.
As a special property when used as a fertilizer - does not cause burns of plant leaves.
However, when the concentration is increased near the seed, the germination strongly decreases. To level this property, potassium fertilizers should also be used or a soil layer should be provided. In addition, urea derivatives are effective herbicides that fight weeds.
In animal husbandry it is used as a protein substitute in cattle feeds.

Mark A is used in various industries, as well as in medicine.

Some manufacturers have unified the carbamide - it is suitable for both industry, and for agriculture and livestock.

It is used for filtering smoke gases of CHP plants and incineration plants from nitrogen oxides.

It is used as an additive to concrete.

Used as a corrosion inhibitor, as an antiseptic in woodworking.

It is registered as food additive E927b, which works, for example, in the production of chewing gum.


Influence on the human body:

Urea for the human body has a dehydrating and diuretic property.
Also, general cleaning activities on the tissue and the body as a whole.
When used as a part of cosmetic products, it kills germs and bacteria.


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