white powder

bag 25 kg
Conditions of transportation:

covered transport

Storage conditions:

in dry unheated warehouses

Warranty period of storage:
3 years

in the glass and ceramic industries;
in pyrotechnics;
in agriculture as a feed additive and as a fertilizer;
in metallurgy, especially in the production of aluminum;
in the production of enamels and glazes.

Lithium carbonate
ТУ 95.1951-89
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(Кол-во упаковок)
Indicator nameNorm
Basic substance Li2C, not less than99,04%
Iron oxide (Fe2O3)0,0066%
Calcium oxide (CaO)0,038%
Sodium oxide (Na2O)0,057%
Chloride (Cl)0,005%
Sulfate (SO4)0,02%
Magnesium (Mg)0,012%
Water (H2O)0,028%

Lithium carbonate has another name - lithium salt of carbonic acid.

Lithium carbonate is produced by passing carbon dioxide through a solution of lithium hydroxide. Or when the interaction of soda or potassium carbonate with a solution of lithium salts.

It is the basis - actively reacts with acids, causes corrosion processes of aluminum alloys and zinc. Actively interacts with fluorides.

Precautionary measures:

If inhaled, it causes a burning sensation and coughing.
Irritating to skin and mucous membranes.


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