pellets from white to black with various shades. Product is not toxic, fire-explosion-proof.

(NH4)2 HPO4
big-bag 800 kg
Warranty period of storage:
is not limited

-as a highly effective fertilizer (as in the manufacture of fertilizer mixtures, as well as independently;
-in the form of solutions: for feeding, in greenhouse horticulture and floriculture);
-for solution for fire retardant wooden structures of buildings (rafters, obreshetok roof), and other flammable materials in the production of fire extinguishing powders.

Di-ammonium phosphate fertilizer
TU 113-08-556-93
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(Кол-во упаковок)
Mass fraction of total phosphate (P2O5),%47+1
Total nitrogen (N),%18+1
Water content,%1,5+0,3
Granulometric composition
Mass fraction of granules:
less than 1 mm,%, max3
from 1 mm to 6 mm,%, not less97
less than 6 mm,%100
Static strength of granules MPa, no less 3,0
Friability,% 100

Diammonium phosphate fertilizer grade TU 113-08-556-93 rev.1-7

In agriculture, complex long-acting fertilizers are used. They are introduced into the soil, after which they give up nutrients for several seasons. One of the striking examples is Diammonium phosphate fertilizer DAP. This substance contains the following useful components: Diammonium phosphate fertilizer

Nitrogen - not less than 18%.
Assimilable phosphates are at least 36%.

Thus, it is possible to obtain large yields for 5-7 years. The most effective on acidic soils, therefore, its use will be useful in wetlands, as well as in the cultivation of rice. Can be introduced into the soil with the help of tukskissevayuschih machines with a depth of sealing not less than 0.4 meters. In agrotechnical literature, this substance is often referred to as DAP. When stored, it does not cake and always has friability, which greatly facilitates its introduction into the soil. The material has no shelf life. It can change its color from white to yellow and dark gray.

In European countries, DAP is used with granules of black color. Local birds glue the granule of other colors and are therefore poisoned.


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