Transparent viscous liquid.

canister 54 kg, barrel 110 kg
Warranty period of storage:
9 months from the date of manufacture.

Used in the production of defoamers, plasticizers, are used as components in detergents, varnishes, lacquers, emulsifiers, fleet-reagents;
esters of oleic acid as a plasticizer of cellulose, flavoring substances in food;
methyl oleate – standard stuff in chromatography, textile auxiliaries used in the production of oleyl (oleic) of alcohol;
ethyl oleate – a component of dressing, which give the tissue water-repellent properties, the solvent of hormones, vitamins, lubricant during forming products made ​​of polymers.

Oleic acid technical TU 020-700-7-91, TU 9145-002-51043152-2005
GOST 7580-91, TU 020-700-7-91, TU 9145-002-51043152-2005
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(Кол-во упаковок)
Appearance at 50 ° ± 3 ° CTransparent liquid
Color number, mg of iodine, no more70
Mass fraction of fatty acids in the anhydrous product,% not less97,4
Mass fraction of unsaponifiable substances,% not less2,5
Moisture content,% not more0,5
Ash content,% not more0,1
Iodine number, g I2/100 r110-140
Acid Number, mg KOH / g185-200
Saponification number, mg KOH / g180-200
Pour Point, ° C, max10-30

Olein or oleic acid is a substance of natural origin, which is derived from vegetable and, more rarely, from animal fats. Technical olein is a mixture of fatty acids with an admixture of unsaponifiable substances and other organic compounds. It is obtained by compression or a non-pressing process.
Outwardly it is a transparent brownish viscous liquid, which is oxidized by access to oxygen.

Olein technical grades:

GOST provides for the production of several grades of technical oleic acid - A, B and C, which differ in the total content of fatty acids, iodine number, pour point.

Acid Olein grade B-14 is produced according to GOST 7580-91.

In the same way they produce B-115 and analogues according to TU 9145-172-4731297-94.

Still some time ago let out technical olein of mark В on ТУ 9145-024-00336562-98 and on ТУ 9145-002-51043152-2005. But since they are of poor quality and, accordingly, cheap and not profitable brand B have been removed from production.

Still there are several analogues of foreign production qualifications are clean and higher, but the price is much higher than domestic brands.

Technical olein is widely used in various industries:

- in the manufacture of paintwork materials,
- in household chemicals,
- when creating perfumes and cosmetics,
- in the tire and textile industries,
- in the mining business,
- in the chemical industry,
- in road construction
- and in mechanical engineering.


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