White or light gray crystals

bags of 35 kg.
Warranty period of storage:
Shelf life – 12 months.

energy, pulp and paper industry, food industry, the manufacture of synthetic detergents, as a surfactant in the manufacture of cement, drilling fluids, to wash process equipment, degreasing surfaces, etc.

Trisodium Phosphate Technical
GOST 201-76
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(Кол-во упаковок)
Indicator nameNorm
Mass fraction of total P2O5,% min18,5
pH 1% aqueous solution11,5 - 12,5
Insoluble in water,%, not more0,03

Trisodium phosphate has another name - sodium phosphate trisubstituted dvenadtsatnivodny.

Obtained by the interaction of phosphoric acid with sodium hydroxide.

The product is prone to caking - difficult pieces are formed.

It dissolves well in water, forming an alkaline solution. The main application for flushing pipelines, equipment, etc. Usually the temperature of the mixture used is 30-50 ° C.
It is also used for water softening.

Used for degreasing surfaces, equipment, etc. Also degrease metal and other materials before painting. It is a corrosion inhibitor.

In everyday life it is used when washing clothes and removing scale in household appliances (like antinakipin).

Precautionary measures:

The formed dust irritates the skin, mucous and respiratory tract.


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