Colorless hygroscopic crystals.

Canister 35kg, drum 330kg

Used for soldering, for research in molecular biology, to cleanse otrzhavchiny metal surfaces used in the CFC, in industrial freezers in dentistry.
Phosphoric acid is registered as a food additive E338. Used as in carbonated beverages.

Phosphoric Acid 73%
GOST 10678 -76 изм. 1, 2
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(Кол-во упаковок)
Indicator nameNorm
The content of H3PO475.2%
Acetic acid0.3%
Chloride (Cl)0.00009%
Sulfates (SO4)0.0012%
Iron (Fe)0,0002%

Phosphoric Acid 73% is an odorless aqueous solution.
At a negative temperature below 15-20 ° C it freezes (depending on the concentration).

Orthophosphoric acid 73% thermal according to GOST 10678-76 is of several brands:

Food grade A
brand B technical - is divided into 1-st (more pure) and 2-nd grade, it is used for obtaining pure phosphoric acid and food. And as for all other productions.

Precautionary measures:

After contact with skin and mucous membranes, it causes a chemical burn.
Inhalation - cough, nosebleeds.

Also we supply phosphoric acid 85% food grade.


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