Colorless hygroscopic crystals.

plastic canisters of 30 kg

Used for soldering, for research in molecular biology, to cleanse otrzhavchiny metal surfaces used in the CFC, in industrial freezers in dentistry.
Phosphoric acid is registered as a food additive E338. Used as in carbonated beverages.

Phosphoric Acid 85%
GOST 6552-80
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(Кол-во упаковок)
Indicator nameNorm
The content of H3PO485.2%
Acetic acid0.3%
Chloride (Cl)0.00014%
Sulfates (SO4)0.002%
Iron (Fe)0,0002%

Phosphoric Acid 85% - inorganic acid of medium strength, under standard conditions is an aqueous syrup-like solution without color and odor. At negative temperatures below 15-20 degrees it freezes.

Food phosphoric acid 85% is registered as food additive Е338. Prevents the oxidation of products. Used as an acidity regulator.

Precautionary measures:

After contact with skin and mucous membranes, it causes a chemical burn. Rinse with plenty of running water.
Inhalation - cough, nosebleeds.
If swallowed, it causes pain in the abdomen.


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