Colorless clear liquid. Toxic, fire and explosion.

canister 25 kg, barrel 230 kg
Warranty period of storage:
3 years from the date of manufacture.

In the glass industry for etching and polishing glass and crystal products, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, petroleum industry, chemical industry.

Hydrofluoric acid 70%
TU 6-09-2622-88
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(Кол-во упаковок)
HF, %70,00
Residue in ignition %, max0,001
H2SiF6, %, max0,04
H2SO4, %, max0,01
Fe, %, max0,001
Cl, %, max0,005
Pb, %, max0,0005
РO4, %, max0,001

Hydrofluoric acid 70 % is also called hydrogen fluoride.


This is an aggressive substance (corrodes) with respect to glass and metals (except lead), so store and transport it in plastic containers (canisters or barrels) or in specially humified tanks.

Precautionary measures:

If it gets on the skin, it causes burns, which appear after a long time (up to three days), so when working with it, behave as accurately as possible. With prolonged and / or extensive interaction of the skin with hydrofluoric acid, a lethal outcome is possible.
When the vapor of a small concentration is inhaled, the mucous membrane burns, and with a high concentration, a lethal outcome is possible.

We also offer a dry substitute for hydrofluoric acid - Ammonium bifluoride.


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