white crystals, non-toxic, fire-explosion-proof. Afraid of dampness.

bag 40kg
Monoammonium Technology
TU 2148-001-48590531-02
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Monoammonium phosphate is abbreviated as MAF.

It is used mainly as a fertilizer and for the manufacture of flame retardants and impregnations.

Monoammonium phosphate is well established as flame retardant. It is successfully used in extinguishing all classes of fires. The action is based on the fact that ammonium salts prevent combustion. As the temperature increases, the phosphate compounds become metaphosphoric acid, which is a compound in the likeness of glass. This acid envelops the surface of the materials with a protective layer that suppresses burning. This feature allows the use of phosphate compounds to extinguish wood materials, as well as oil and its derivatives, various gases and electrical appliances. In addition, monoammonium phosphate is completely soluble, which very well affects the ability to impregnate various materials - wood and woven.

Also available is Monoammonium phosphate fodder.


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