crystalline white powder. Fire and explosion safe.

bags 25kg
Warranty period of storage:
3 years from the date of manufacture

in the textile and engineering industries, is used in the preparation of an electrolyte for dry batteries and electroplating baths in electroplating, flux for hot dip galvanizing, tinning, Lead plating; fluxes for hand and machine soldering; in the production of fiber, for antiseptirovaniya wood, as an additive in rubber vulcanization, as a solvent for cellulose cord regeneration of rubber, in chemical synthesis as a dehydrating agent and catalyst.

Zinc chloride 98% (corresponds GOST 4529-78)
GOST 4529-78
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The content of basic substance, %98,02

Zinc chloride GOST 4529-78 is a loose white crystalline mass. This substance has a high hygroscopicity, which makes special requirements for storage and transportation. In concentrated aqueous solutions it is a strongly acidic medium that is used for etching various surfaces and as a relatively sparing substitute for concentrated acids.

Application of the substance

It is very wide, but, in general, it is used in the following industries:

- Zinc chloride is an integral component for printing on calico. It plays a role in dressing the fabric before applying the paint.

- It is used for the manufacture of dental cement and photopolymers.

- It has pronounced fungicidal and antiseptic properties, which allows it to be used for impregnating wood to protect against pests and fungi.

- Most often it is used as a reagent for cleaning non-ferrous metals surfaces before soldering. It effectively removes any oxides.

- In the production of fiber fabrics of varying degrees of fiber fineness.

- When refining non-ferrous metal alloys, it is a substance that binds impurities.

- In the analysis of solid hydrocarbons, it is used for fractional analysis without direct isolation.

- One of the main components in salt household food elements.


Zinc chloride absorbs moisture very actively, including from the air, therefore polypropylene or paper bags with additional hermetic polyethylene liner are used for storage and transportation.


heating molten zinc in a stream of chlorine, dissolving zinc or zinc oxide in hydrochloric acid with further evaporation, and other methods.


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