Pigment from orange to orange-red

Hazard Class:

ADR (United Nations) 6.1
This is a toxic product

bag 25 kg
Conditions of transportation:

Any covered transport

Storage conditions:

In covered warehouses

Warranty period of storage:
1 year

– in the production of batteries;
– as an orange pigment, but production is limited because of the toxicity of the bitches;
– in the production of paint and varnish materials against corrosion;
– in the chemical industry for the production of lead compounds
– In the production of general purpose glass, optical and technical glass, crystal;
– when specialized explosives are received;
– to protect against radiation (gamma waves);
– in the production of electroceramics;
– in shipbuilding to cover details, preventing rusting.

Orange Lead
GOST 19151-73
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(Кол-во упаковок)
Indicator nameValue
Mass fraction of lead orthoplumbate (Pb3O4), not less than95%
Mass fraction of lead oxides (Pb3O4 + PbO), not less than99,5%
Mass fraction of substances of p-terms in HNO3, not more than0,05%
Mass fraction of substances in water, not more than0,05%
Mass fraction of water and volatile substances, no more than0,05%
Crushing mode8/15
Impurities As, Cu, Fe, Sb, Sn, Zn each not more than0,001%
Admixtures of Ag, Bi, not more than0,002%

Orange Lead has a different name - lead plumbate, lead oxide.

Orange Lead and its compounds are not used for processing of aluminum and non-ferrous metals.
Housing is not recommended to be painted with lead compounds with Surik, since it is considered poisonous.

Precautionary measures:

Can lead to acute and chronic lead poisoning, which leads to a change in blood and CNS.
In the human body gets through the respiratory tract and skin.

We also supply Litharge Lead G-2 Technology.


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