crystalline mass of white

C18H38 - C35H72 
bag 20 kg
Warranty period of storage:
1 year from date of manufacture.

for waterproof impregnation in the manufacture of containers and packaging materials in food industry, production of candles, pencils, household chemicals, insulation, dressing textile, protection against rust.

Paraffin food P-2
GOST 23683-89
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(Кол-во упаковок)
Melting point, grad.S, not lower52,0
Mass fraction of oil,% maximum0,80
Color, conventional brands, not more4
Contents benzpyreneno
Sulphur content,%, maxno
Water content,%, maxno
Mass fraction of solidsno
Phenol contentno
Water soluble acids and alkalisno

GOST 23683-89 rev. 1

Paraffin for food industry

A large number of different chemical compounds are used to pack products. One of them is paraffin. This is the simplest hydrocarbon compound. Its main value lies in almost complete harmlessness for the human body and animals. In Russia it is manufactured under the brand P 2, which is covered by a separate standard STO 00148636-004-2007. GOST on it has not been distributed for a long time. This is a colorless, fusible semi-transparent substance that forms in the form of crystals.

For example, they cover vegetables and fruits to increase shelf life.

Scope of Food Paraffin:

  •  It can be used directly to cover the products themselves (eg fruits or vegetables). The most vivid example is cheese making. Directly on the cheese washer, pre-dried until a crust is formed, a dense layer of paraffin is applied, preventing the formation of a mold deposit and further drying. It perfectly protects moisture losses.
  • They can cover not only products directly, but also containers. For example, it is sufficient to spray hot paraffin onto a concrete tank and it becomes suitable for certain technological operations with food products. For example, it can be used as a pool for washing vegetables and fruits.
  • -  It is used as a hot impregnation for wood in the water. For this, paraffin is used in a vacuum chamber. Such a tree then does not decay and does not swell, because the places where moisture could have seeped up are already occupied.
  • - Paraffin food is also used for the technical preservation of metal parts. Filled with paraffin, the weapon lay in wooden boxes under the earth until our days without the slightest trace of anaerobic corrosion.


Paraffin is sold in bags of 20 kg in the form of chips or in briquettes of 5 kg in bags.
Paraffin food grade P 2 is transported on euro pallets of 540 kg
When transporting and storing the temperature should not be above 25 degrees Celsius to avoid caking and sticking.

We also offer Paraffin technical grade T-1.


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