crystalline mass of white or shades

C18H38 - C35H72
bag 20 kg
Warranty period of storage:
2 years from the date of manufacture.

in the chemical industry;
at wood processing;
when producing matches;
in the textile and paper industries;
when working with metals and their anti-corrosion treatment;
when processing rubber;
used for the manufacture of household chemicals;
when making candles;
in the production of varnishes;
when manufacturing pencils;
for drying and impregnating wood;
for the production of technical creams (lubricants, anti-corrosion, moisture-resistant impregnations).
Also, the forms are smeared with paraffin before casting.
In the production of rubber technical paraffin softens the mixture.
To protect materials from moisture and aggressive environmental influences.

Paraffin technical grade
GOST 23683-89 rev. 1
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(Кол-во упаковок)
Melting point, ° C52,0 – 58,0
Oil content,% not more1,80
Color, conventional brands, not more11
Solids contentno
Water soluble acids and alkalisno

GOST 23683-89 amend. 1

Technical paraffin T1 is a petroleum solid paraffin, which consists of compounds released during the distillation of oil - solid methane hydrocarbons. Paraffin T-1 is made from distillate oil by de-oiling (the mass fraction of oil is not more than 1.8%). In the molten state it has a low viscosity (melting point 52-58 ° C).

Water, water-soluble acids and alkalis, sulfur, mechanical impurities in the purified technical paraffin are absent.

Technical paraffin does not dissolve in water, in methyl and ethyl alcohols, it dissolves under the action of organic solvents (benzene, ether) and, under elevated conditions, in mineral oils.

Externally, the technical paraffin is a crystalline mass of white or with shades of gray or yellow, with no taste and smell.

Precautionary measures:

It is a combustible substance with a flashpoint not lower than 160 ° C and an autoignition temperature of at least 300 ° Celsius.
In case of fire, do not use water.

We also supply Paraffin food grade P-2.


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