White crystalline powder or slabookrashennogo shade. Valid pale yellow and pink hues.

(NH4)2 SO4 
25 kg bags
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Ammonium sulfate – one of the mineral nitrogen fertilizers. Ammonium sulfate is also used in biochemistry for protein purification in the production of viscose fibersused in food industry as an additive with E517in the process of tanningleather, construction materials production, manufacture of herbicides and certain animal feeds.

Ammonium sulfate
TU 2181-060-00205311-2014
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Mass fraction of nitrogen on dry substance,%, at least21
Water content,%, not more than0.3
Mass fraction of free sulfuric acid,%, not more than0.05
AppearanceWhite crystalsmay be pale yellow and pink

Ammonium sulfate is obtained by the action of sulfuric acid on ammonia.

Application as a fertilizer:

Ammonium sulpfate is recommended to use in the spring before sowing the culture.
For heavy soils, it can be used both in spring and in autumn.
As fertilizer ammonium sulpfate is acidic, for neutralization it is necessary to lime in a ratio of 1-1.2 to 1 fertilizer.
As a top dressing, ammonium sulfate is also used, including in solutions.

More details on the use of basic mineral fertilizers.

Effects on humans:

Ammonium sulpfate is a safe substance for humans.
It is registered as food additive Е517.


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