White or light gray crystals

bags 25kg

used as the main raw material for synthetic detergents for cleaning of industrial equipment, as a raw material for the synthesis of chemical tools for fire-resistant materials, and herbicides, while processing the bottomhole zone of oil wells, in electroplating for the preparation of electrolytes and food for pickling steel.

Sulfamic acid
TU 2121-083-05800142-2011
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Indicator nameNorm
The content of basic substance99,5% min
Humidity0,2% max
Sulfates (SO4)0,05% max
Iron (Fe)0,005% max
The content of insoluble substances0,02% max

Sulfamic acid has other names: amidosulfuric acid, aminosulfonic acid, sulfuric acid monoamide.

Obtained by chemical synthesis of urea and oleum.

The main producers are China (about 150 thousand tons) and the USA (about 45 thousand tons). Russia produces about 5 thousand tons per year.

Sulfamic acid is of several types:

Mark A - share First Class and Extra Class.
Mark B - concentration 86% and higher.

One of the main advantages - the used solution does not need any special method of utilization.

Sulfamic acid solution very well removes scale and other deposits (including the actual in the food production of milk and beer stone) in pipes, boilers and other equipment. It should be borne in mind that when removing scale, an increased amount of carbon dioxide is formed, so when used in closed systems, this gas must be vented, and also have expansion cavities.

More in detail about working solutions of sulfamic acid in the article about removal of scale and deposits in pipelines.

Precautionary measures:

When exposed to skin and mucous membranes, it causes severe chemical burns. In case of contact with the body, rinse with cold running water or a solution of soda.
In everyday life, as a rule, solutions with an insignificant concentration of 2-7% are used - these solutions are not dangerous for humans when they get on the surface of the skin.


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