crystalline white substance.

С6Н8О7 х Н2О
bag 25 kg

as food additives, acidity regulator and a preservative in food industry (food additive E330-E333) for the beverage, dry fizzy drinks in medicine, including in the composition of funds, improve energy metabolism, in cosmetics, the oil industry in drilling for oil and gas wells.

Citric acid monohydrate
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(Кол-во упаковок)
Content of main substance,%


The content of impurities,%:
Ca< 0,02
Pb< 0,001
Fe< 0,005
Cl< 0,005
Oxalates< 0,035
SO4< 0,015
Sulfatirovannaya ash< 0,01
As< 0,00005

The citric acid was formerly produced from the lemon fruit, now it is obtained by biological synthesis when using fungi from sugar-containing raw materials.

More than half of the total production of citric acid is concentrated in China (according to data for 2007).

It is also produced in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other countries.

Лимонная кислота Citric acid

Precautionary measures:

On the human body, this acid has a negative effect with very large and / or prolonged exposure in the form of irritation.
The greatest irritation in case of contact with eyes.

Corrodes non-ferrous metals and their alloys.


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