slightly yellowish liquid, not flammable, a fire in the air much smoke, energetic oxidizer, in contact with many combustible substances causes them to spontaneous combustion. Toxic.

glass bottle in pp drum 28 kg
Warranty period of storage:
4 months from the date of manufacture

for laboratory practice, for oxidative etching of metals, for the needs of the economy.

Nitric acid “extr.p.” 18-4
GOST 11125-84
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(Кол-во упаковок)
Mass fraction of nitric acid (НNО3), %,at least70
Mass fraction of NO2, %, max0,1
Mass fraction of substances, %, max:
Al, %8×10-6
B, %5×10-6
Fе, %8×10-6
Si, %4×10-5
Mn, %1×10-6
Cu, %1×10-6
As, %4×10-7
Non-volatile substances, %3×10-4
Ni, %1×10-6
Sn, %5×10-6
Рb, %2×10-6
S04, %2×10-5
Ag, %1×10-6
Sb, %1×10-5
Amounts of heavy metals, %1×10-5
Ti, %1×10-6
Р, %1×10-5
Cl, %1×10-5
Cr, %5×10-6
Hg, %5×10-6

Nitric acid "extr.p." 18-4

Nitric acid "extr.p." (HNO3) is a strong monobasic acid, one of the most important mineral acids. The substance has a sharp suffocating odor, sensitive to light and decomposes in bright light. Nitric acid is mixed with water in any proportions. In aqueous solutions, it almost completely dissociates into ions.

In nature, it is not found in the free state and occurs only in the form of nitrate salts (in the form of ammonium nitrate in air and rainwater, especially after thunderstorms, then as nitric acid in Chilean or Peruvian nitrate and potassium nitrate and calcium in the upper layers of arable land, walls of stables, in the lowlands of the Ganges and other rivers of India).

Nitric acid is obtained by decomposing sodium nitrate with concentrated sulfuric acid on heating.

It is easy to give oxygen to other bodies and is a strong oxidizer and solvent for many substances. And nitric acid in any concentration shows the properties of acid-oxidizer. However, with gold and platinum, nitric acid, even concentrated, does not interact, but is part of the so-called "royal vodka", which dissolves these metals.

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