colorless crystalline substance in the form of flakes with no odor.

bag 35kg, 50kg
Warranty period of storage:
5 years from the date of manufacture.

in nuclear reactors as a fertilizer, in medicine as a disinfectant, in photographs, to control cockroaches in the food industry as food additive E284 (in Russia this additive is not included in the list are allowed to use).

Boric acid techn. B grade
GOST 18704-78
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(Кол-во упаковок)
Mass fraction of boric acid (H3BO3),%, not less99,9
Mass fraction of chloride (Cl-),%, not more0,001
Sulfate (SO42-),%, not more0,008
Mass fraction of iron (Fe2 +),%, not more0,0005

Boric acid has the same name orthoboric acid.

Boric acid is applied:

  •     in glass production it is used for the production of special glass for medicine, optical devices, etc., as well as increases the heat and chemical resistance, as well as increases the anti-shock properties of such products.
  •     in the production of paints and glazes for ceramics. Increases the adhesion of coloring particles to the material of the product, increases resistance to mechanical and chemical attack, and prevents corrosion.
  •     in the production of fertilizers, for example borosuperphosphate superphosphate supplemented with boron.
  •     in metallurgy in the manufacture of special alloys (solid) for borating processes. And also in electroforming and the production of non-ferrous metals. Boric acid increases the refractory properties of the material, reduces the melting point, etc.
  •     As an emulsifier in perfumery production for paraffin, and as an antiseptic. (As an antiseptic since 1987 in the USSR it is forbidden for children and pregnant women)
  •     in the nuclear industry to reduce the radiation impact.
  •     in wood processing as antiseptic and fire retardant.
  •     in the manufacture of cleaning and bleaching agents.
  •     plays an important role in the manufacture of fiberglass.
  •     is part of a large number of bait eaten by insects (fungicide). Effectively against bugs, ants and cockroaches.

Precautionary measures:

Dangerous if large amounts (more than 4 grams) enter the human body - can lead to death.


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