white crystals, non-toxic, fire-explosion-proof. Afraid of dampness.

(NH4)2 HPO4
bag 50 kg
Warranty period of storage:
6 months from the date of manufacture.

environmentally friendly products, without nitrates and nitrites, heavy metals, obesftorenny.
-used as a highly effective fertilizer (as in the manufacture of mixed fertilizers, and independently, as a solution: when feeding, in greenhouse horticulture and floriculture);
-as feed additives for fattening livestock (ruminants older than 4 months);
-as a dressing for yeast production (fodder, alcohol, bread, beer), medical biological products;
-for solution for fire retardant wooden structures of buildings (rafters, obreshetok roof), and other flammable materials in the production of fire extinguishing powders.

Di-ammonium phosphate food
TU 2148-673-00209438-02
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(Кол-во упаковок)
Mass fraction of total phosphorus oxide (V),%53% ± 1,0
Mass fraction of ammonia,%, not less25
Moisture content,%, max0,5
Arsenic,%, max0,0003
Mass fraction of heavy metals (Pb),%, not more0,0004
Масс.доля фторидов, %, в пределах0,001
Activity index of hydrogen ions, pH units7,6-8,4
Sieve composition:Mass fraction of particles,%, not exceeding:

from 4 to 7 mm
a 7mm




Diammonium phosphate food has other names - diammonium phosphate, ammonium hydrophosphate, diammophos, ammonium phosphate di-substituted, DAP. Obtained by the interaction of ammonia and phosphoric acid.

Recommendations for adding Diammonium phosphate food to feed:

  • at dry type of feeding - in concentrated forages
  • into the molasses solution
  • in the water of humidification of the feed mixture, hay or silage.

It is necessary to mix the additive well with the feed.

First, add diammonium phosphate food is necessary in small amounts, gradually increasing every two days. Up to the maximum amount is adjusted within a few weeks.
The daily amount of the supplement must be broken down into several portions and given probno.

Observance of recommendations, good mixing and consideration of terms and doses will allow to exclude poisoning of animals.

Precautionary measures:

Inhalation of dust can cause irritation of the mucous and respiratory tract.


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